Lighting Installation

Lighting has a strong influence on comfort and cosiness in the house. With the help of successfully selected light can visually expand even the smallest room, hide the mistakes made in the repair and interior design. Incorrect lighting on the contrary can “ruin” the most luxurious room. Installation of lighting is a type of complex work. Correct installation of lighting is a guarantee of safety and good lighting. Only a qualified light installation nyc company can perform such work in compliance with all regulations. It is possible to implement good lighting:

  • you can take advantage of a professional call to your home;
  • to do everything yourself.

By choosing the second option, you should know a few rules and nuances, which will be outlined in this article.

Types of light sources

  • General. A chandelier or halogen directional lamp system can be used.
  • Local. Floors, sconces and wall lights.

Combining these types in your project, intelligently distributing light fluxes, you can achieve the best option for each room in the apartment. Today the market presents a huge number of lighting fixtures. Characteristics of the light fluxes are significantly different from each other by color, distraction and intensity.

Lighting in apartment

When taking on the work of designing the lighting for an apartment, it is necessary to remember that for each room specific light sources are appropriate.

Lighting features in the hallway

The room is arranged in such a way that natural light does not penetrate there. In it, actions are performed that require an assessment of their appearance. This is the room from which the first impression of the apartment is formed. Accordingly, the hallway should have the brightest possible lighting fixtures. Every day in this room, a person performs a series of actions:

  • to examine his or her appearance;
  • cleans his outer clothing and shoes;
  • manipulates the keys to the apartment and the car.

Bright and festive light in the hallway is more than appropriate. It is here that you meet guests and relatives, who have decided to visit you, creating a suitable hospitable atmosphere. In the hallway it is necessary to place several lighting fixtures, and be sure to provide a pair of lamps on each side of the mirror – so visibility will be better, and the volume of the room will increase visually. You can install the lighting fixtures in drywall

Lighting in living room

The modern living room is both a ceremonial hall and a place of rest for all family members. Therefore, it should have both common and local light sources. If there is a work corner (desk) in the living room, it requires separate lighting.

Lighting in the kitchen

The kitchen in the apartment is a place for cooking and eating. The work area is therefore better illuminated by local spotlights, which are optimally placed under the lower surface of the hinged cupboards. And the dining table should be brightly lit, with the light source best placed above eye level.

Lighting in the bedroom

It is better to use soft and diffused lighting in the bedroom, directed:

  • upwards;
  • to the side;
  • downwards.

Then the whole room will be filled with light. In the interior of the bedrooms should competently combine both general and local light sources. When planning illumination of the bedside area, it is necessary to choose devices in such a way that the intensity of light is sufficient for reading, but does not disturb the person resting nearby. A separate lamp is required for the dressing table.

Bathroom lighting

There should be different light sources in the bathroom:

  • bright, intense light;
  • soft, soothing luminaires.