American Roulette and French Roulette

The American roulette appeared for the first time in 1800 in America, in Louisiana. The owners of gambling houses immediately appreciated the combination of easy rules and exciting gamble, which distinguished this gambling game. Despite the fact that greedy American businessmen for profit added another zero to the European roulette, which reduced the chances of players to win, roulette quickly gained popularity among gamblers throughout America.

The main feature of American roulette is that in addition to the existing 37 cells, it includes another section of green with two zeros – the “double zero” sector. “Zero” and “double zero” are located on opposite sides of the wheel. If the ball hits this sector, the casino also takes all bets. Therefore, when playing American roulette casino advantage for almost all bets is 5.26%. In addition to the same bets that are available in the classic roulette, American Roulette can bet on the five numbers “0”, “00”, “1”, “2”, “3”, as well as the three numbers, where there is a “zero” and “double zero”: “0”, “1”, “2” or “0”, “00”, “2” or “00”, “2”, “3”.

Traditionally, American Roulette is played with different colored chips, and each player at the table has different chips from the others, which greatly facilitates the procedure for betting and payout winnings. These chips are usually purchased from the dealer at a particular gaming table, and other games do not apply. After the Player completes the game, his chips are exchanged for either money or traditional chips.

Some U.S. casinos have a rule Surrender: bets such as “on red”, “on black” and those that imply a probability of winning about 47.37%, when falling “double zero” are taken by the casino is not fully, but only in half, ie, half your bets such a player gets back. The game of American roulette is as interesting and exciting as the European version, and if you master the rules, it can bring not only fun, but also good money. And you can do it as in a real casino, as well as on the monitor if you choose a casino at

French Roulette

It is believed that French roulette is the prototype of American and European roulette. Whether this is true is not known for certain, but anyway, the word “roulette” is of French origin, and means “wheel” in translation. The rules of French Roulette are almost identical to the rules of European Roulette and differ only in the use of “special rules”. French Roulette has the same wheel as European Roulette, but there are differences in the playing field.

The French roulette playing field is marked with French names. On the field with the betting numbers are applied numbers from 1 to 36, forming three columns of 12 numbers in each. At the top there is a sector “zero”, at the bottom there are fields for betting on the column, to the left and to the right of which there are fields for dozen bets (P12 – the first dozen, M12 – the second dozen, D12 – the third dozen). On the sides of the playing field there are sectors for odds betting. On the right are fields for betting on “Manque” (Smaller) – numbers from 1 to 18, “Impair” (Odd), “Noir” (Black). On the left are fields for betting “Passe” (Large) – numbers from 19 to 36, “Pair” (Even), “Rouge” (Red).

In French Roulette, as well as in European Roulette, the casino has an advantage of 2.7%, but in the odds game it can decrease to 1.35%. The fact is that French Roulette has two rules that increase the player’s chance of winning: “En Prison” and “La Partage”. If you want to learn this type of roulette, it is worth finding a reliable casino at