Restaurant Gift Card

Now, of course, it’s hard to remember in which city it was first invented to write certificates for visiting restaurants. And is it so important if now this system is used all over the country, and we, ordinary lovers of good and tasteful rest, already know that it is convenient? Even now that the trend has spread across the country, in major cities you can find such a variety of places where the cherished rectangle will entitle you to spend a pleasant evening. That is why we will devote this review to gift certificates. If you are looking for gift cards, you can find many different options on the Giftcards market site. Here you can always choose a great gift option, even if you know nothing about the person’s preferences.

Restaurants for all occasions

Restaurant gift certificates can be a great option. The pioneers of this area were well-known restaurant chains. Later their example was followed by others, giving customers a great opportunity – to buy a gift certificate not to any particular institution, but to one of the lists.  If you are not sure whether you can give a friend a trip to your favorite place, just ask the receptionist about it; sometimes the service is very new and has not yet had time to write about it on the site or in the promotional offers.

Speaking of prices. Each gift certificate has a face value – that is, the amount for which you can visit the restaurant. If you exceed it, you pay the required figure in cash or by card. So, because the range of prices in restaurants is very large, and everyone has different appetites, the range of denominations is also not small.

Restaurants with a twist

Someone likes a traditional cuisine and once found “his” institution, will never trade it for anything else. And someone prefers to go only to those places, where there is a raisin, a promise of a holiday, something unique. A certificate to such a restaurant can be presented to a friend or loved one – because there he will not only eat, but also as it should be entertained. And, therefore, he will have the most pleasant impressions.

There are many different restaurants, which can be an attractive solution in your situation. You will have to choose a particular option and use it as a gift or on your own. In fact, various restaurant gift cards are very popular right now, so such a gift will be a versatile option for a presentation in any situation.

What do you need to know about the gift certificates to a restaurant?

Let’s assume that you are impressed with our description and already ready to buy a certificate. However, there are things that are not always written on the website of restaurants, although they should be:

  1. A lost certificate (no matter how much it is) cannot be restored;
  2. The certificate does not involve ordering food from the chef (although there may be exceptions);
  3. One certificate is valid for one restaurant only;
  4. If the order amount is less than the certificate limit, the difference is not refundable;
  5. Some certificates specify the number of guests (one, two or four), so the “limit” must be respected;
  6. If the certificate specifies an approximate menu, you can not change it, but you can additionally order what your heart desires – this will have to pay from your pocket;
  7. In some cases, a certificate for a restaurant must be activated in advance: 2-5 days before the intended campaign, otherwise it will be considered invalid.

Considering all these points, you can make friends or acquaintances a wonderful unique gift. To be honest, many people buy two certificates at once: as a gift for someone, and then, after thinking about it, the second one for themselves.