How to avoid cheating on your wife

Partner cheating is the hardest test for any person. However, common sense suggests that this can hardly happen in a union where everything is smooth. One way or another, the cheating partner is not the only one to blame for it was unfaithful to the other – to such a step it was pushed by the wrong behavior of his “better half”. And although of the two partners in marital infidelity most often can be convicted a man, women are also guilty of this sin. And, as statistics show, this is usually due to the fact that members of the stronger sex still believe in myths that are completely irrelevant today.

Sex is no less important for women than for men

So, the vast majority of gentlemen to this day believe that women are mainly interested in various romantic “things”, but not, in fact, sex. Of course, no one cancels the gentle hugs and kisses, as well as nice gifts, which show that the girl you really care. However, the physical manifestation of love for the majority of the fair sex is as important as for men. So too long with the first intimacy is not worth it. If you have a problem with potency or you want to re-insure yourself, it makes sense to visit

The G-spot – not the only area worthy of attention

The proverbial G-spot has been around for a long time. And, meanwhile, it is hardly necessary to pay too much attention to the search for the cherished “main” erogenous zones in women – so you can easily miss the right time to bring his lady to the climax of intimacy. On a woman’s body there are many very sensitive places that are eagerly awaiting your caresses. Among them are palms and forearms (you can blow on them, you can lick them, stroke them and just gently touch the back of your hand), breasts and back (immediately before intimacy it is recommended to gently massage the place between the shoulder blades, while touching the nipples), the inner side of the thighs and knees (but this is for those who are not afraid of tickling).

Many women like oral sex

The myth that girls are wary of oral sex, oddly enough, also still exists. Of course, everything is individual. Perhaps your sweetheart – a follower of only traditional methods to bring each other pleasure. However, you can and should try! Of course, everything should happen voluntarily and naturally. Well, if she is shy, your task – to let her know that there is nothing “shameful”. To begin with yourself show her an example, and then she will probably want to make you happy.

Something else

I must say that there are other reasons for a woman’s infidelity. Among them:

  • inattention of the partner, and, as a consequence, the desire to feel needed and loved;
  • fading feelings for the spouse, and as a consequence – the need to find a new love;
  • lack of confidence in their attractiveness, and as a consequence, the desire to improve their self-esteem in any way;
  • prolonged separation;
  • marital problems;
  • groundless jealousy;
  • monotony. 

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